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Lynda Wells​Crochet Slippers with Flowers 7 hours ago
What is size 25?Beautiful slippers
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Plain pumpkin
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Your pattern says to use crochet hook 2,5 but I di...
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I wish you good luck!
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Thank you!
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thank you 😊
I love this!!
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jack skeleton 
Make a set-up chain the same length as your chest ...
Thank you!I think it stretches well

​Oversize Knit Pullover

Aug 12, 2021 12:22 AM

You’ll need:

400g of pistachio yarn (100% cotton; 80m/50g);

100g of the same yarn, but in cream color;

Circular knitting needles 5,5.

Size: M-L.

Used Patterns

Rib: work in straight and reversed directions. The quantity of sts is odd. Start and finish every row with 1 selvage st.

RS rows: *1 knit st, 1 purl*; repeat from * to *, 1 knit st;

WSrows: asstsface

Circle rows: the quantity of sts is even. * 1 knit st, 1 purl*.

Relief pattern: the quantity of sts is multiple 5 + 2 selvage sts. Work due to the scheme, on which both RS and WS rows are stated. Start with 1 selvage st and sts before pattern repeat, pattern repeat, finish with sts after pattern repeat and 1 selvage st. Repeat 1st-8th rows.

Colors order: 84 pistachio rows, * 4 cream rows, 4 pistachio rows*; repeat from * to * x 4 times = totally, 124 rows

Wrong-side pattern: in RS row – purls, in WS row – knit sts.

Stitches control: 14 sts x 22,5 rows = 10 x 10 cm.



Cast on 77 sts with pistachio yarn and make 1 cm = 3 rows of rib for placket, start with 1 WS row. Continue work with relief pattern due to the colors order. At the same time, increase 1 x 1 st in the next 8th row from both sides for side chamfer, then, bind off 9 x 1 st in every 4th row and include the increased sts in the pattern = 97 sts. In 19,5 cm = 44 rows from placket, continue knit straight. In 39 cm = 88 rows from placket, bind off 1 x 1 st from both sides for shoulder chamfers, then, bind off 17 x 1 st in every 2nd row. In 55 cm = 124 rows from placket, bind off the rest 61 sts, the central 39 sts form neck-hole, outer 11 sts from both sides – shoulders.


Make in the same way, as back.


Make shoulder seams. For placket, cast on 82 sts with pistachio and work with rib. Bind off sts as they face at 1,5 cm width of placket. For plackets, cast on 70 sts along straight sides of each arm-hole and starting with 1 WS row, make 3 rows of wrong-side pattern. Then, bind off all sts as purls. Make side seams, including short sided of plackets.

​Oversize Knit Pullover
​Oversize Knit Pullover
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