I hope these help…Enjoy..!!!             Debra
Judy​Melange Crochet Beret 3 hours ago
Such a great pattern. Thanks for sharing.
Susan​Black Relief Vest 6 hours ago
Thank you!
Susan​Black Relief Vest 6 hours ago
I'm pleased, that you like it
I'll try to find this pattern for you
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Great choice!
Bettie GilesCrochet Blue Bag 9 hours ago
In memory of my precious fur baby, I would love th...

​Relief Knit Pullover

Jul 17, 2021 12:40 AM

You’ll need:

250 (300)g of grey-brown/black Lana Grossa Difuso yarn (75% cotton, 25% polyester; 205m/50g);

Knitting needles 4,5.

Size: S (M).

Used Patterns

Chain edge: 1st st of every row as knit st. Slip the last st of every row as purl (yarn in front of needle).

Lace pattern: work due to the scheme. Start with selvage st before the 1st arrow, 12 sts of pattern repeat between arrows, finish with selvage st after the 2nd arrow. Repeat 1st-18th rows.

Stitches control: lace pattern across: 20,5 sts x 28,5 rows = 10 x 10 cm;

Lace pattern straight for sleeves: 24 sts x 27 rows = 10 x 10 cm.


Back and ½ Sleeve

Startwithrightsleeve. For this, cast on 50 sts and work with lace pattern with chain edge = 4 pattern repeats. In 20 cm = 54 rows from the set-up row, cast on 84 sts from left side for back = 134 sts and work with lace pattern straight = totally, 11 pattern repeats. In 44 (50) cm = 126 (144) rows = (7 (8) x 18 rows) width of back, bind off 84 sts = 50 sts along left side. Now, make left sleeve in symmetry to the right. In 20 cm = 56 rows from the beginning of sleeve (in the 2nd row of pattern), bind off sts loosely.

Front and ½ Sleeve

Make in the same way, as back with ½ sleeve, but start with left sleeve and finish with right sleeve in symmetry.


Make seams, leave 28 cm in the center open for neck-hole.

​Relief Knit Pullover
​Relief Knit Pullover
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