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​Oversize Knit Pullover

Mar 17, 2021 02:31 AM

You’ll need:

600 (650) 700g of 100% cotton yarn (90m/50g);

Knitting needles 4 and 5.

Size: S (M) L.

Used Patterns

Pattern with slipped sts, knitting needles 5: the quantity of sts is multiple 4 + 2 selvage sts.

1st row (RS): 1 selvage st, insert RH needle * between the next 2nd and 3rd sts and draw yarn, 1 yarn over, knit2tog x twice*; repeat from * to *, 1 selvage st;

2nd row (WS): 1 selvage st, * 1 knit st, 2 purls, slip 1 st, draw tarn in front of work*; repeat from * to *, 1 selvage st.

Repeat 1st-2nd rows.

1 x 1 rib, knitting needles 4.

Stitches control: 22 sts x 20 rows = 10 x 10 cm.



Cast on 114 (122) sts and make 1 WS row with purls. Don’t take this row into account. Then, continue work with pattern with slipped sts. In 49 cm = 98 rows (51 cm = 102 rows) 53 cm = 106 rows from the set-up row, bind off 26 (29) 32 sts for each shoulder and leave the central 62 (64) 66 sts for neck-hole.


Make in the same way, as back.


Cast on 42 (46) 50 sts and make 1 WS row with purls. Then, make 4 cm with 1 x 1 rib for lower placket, increase 40 (44) 48 sts in the last row = 82 (90) 98 sts. Then, continue work with pattern with slipped sts. In 40 cm = 80 rows from the lower placket, bind off all the sts.


Make shoulder seams. Cast on 62 (64) 66 sts of front and back with circular knitting needles = 124 (128) 132 sts. Then, cast on 4 new sts for placket in the shape of piping and transfer them to the LH needle in order to place working yarn between the 4th st of placket and 1st st of neck-hole. Then, bind off the sts in the following way: * 3 knit sts, knit2tog to the left, transfer 4 sts to the LH needle*; repeat from * to * until all the sts of neck-hole will be bound off. Bind off the rest 4 sts of placket, sew the ends of placket. Sew up the sleeves. For plackets, cast on 42 (46) 50 sts along the lower edge of each sleeve, cast on 4 more sts to the RH needle in the same way, as neck-hole placket. Make side and sleeve seams, sew the ends of sleeves placket along the lower edge of pullover, cast on 228 (244) 260 sts to the RH needle and make placket in the shape of piping. Sew the ends of placket.

​Oversize Knit Pullover
​Oversize Knit Pullover
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