it looks difficult....but I love a challenge.....
GlendaFunny Snowman Cup Warmer 1 day ago
hmmmm not see even one reply about sharing t...
 Love it.   would you share the pattern please? 
Love it!!! How do I get the pattern?
I would like the pattern.
love it!  Can I pls get a pattern?
DebFunny Snowman Cup Warmer 2 days ago
Is there a pattern for this cozi?
LindaCrochet Baby Dress Pattern 2 days ago
I would like to have this pattern and another one ...

​Black Crochet Hat

Oct 23, 2021 02:41 AM

You’ll need:

150g of black yarn (75% wool, 25% polyamide; 420m/150g);

Crochet hook 6;

1 m of floristic wire.


Head circumference: 54-58 cm.


Used Patterns

Main pattern: work with circle rows of half-crochets. Start every circle row with 2 chain sts instead of the 1st double crochet and finish with 1 slip s tint he 2nd chain st increase. For double 1 st, make 2 half crochets in 1 base st.

Shells pattern: work due to the scheme. Start every circle row with chain st instead of the 1st st and sts before pattern repeat, as it’s shown on the scheme, pattern repeat, finish with sts after pattern repeat and 1 slip st. Make 1st-8th circle rows x once.


Stitches control: 13 sts x 10 rows = 10 x 10 cm.



Work in 2 threads of yarn. Make crown of your hat in the following way:

1st rnd: 12 half crochets in the ring and circle your work with 1 slip st;

2nd rnd: double every 2nd st (18 sts);

3rd rnd: double every 3rd st (24 sts);

4th rnd: double every 4th st (30 sts);

5th rnd: double every 5th st (36 sts);

6th rnd: double every 6th st (42 sts);

7th rnd: double every 7th st (48 sts);

8th rnd: double every 8th st (54 sts);

9th rnd: double every 9th st = 60 sts;

10th rnd: double every 10th st (66 sts).

Then, crochet straight without increase to 19 cm height. Turn your work and make 1 circle row of single crochets, insert crochet hook only through back loop. At the same time * make 2 single crochets in every 4th st and in the next 3 sts*; repeat from * to * x 5 times = 84 single crochets. Turn. Then, make flaps with shells pattern = 14 pattern repeats. Put floristic wire in the last circle row and fasten it with single crochets.

​Black Crochet Hat
​Black Crochet Hat
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Oct 23, 2021 01:03 PM

Love this hat