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​Black Crochet Top

Jan 03, 2021 11:33 PM
​Black Crochet Top
​Black Crochet Top

You’ll need:

250 (300) 300g of black yarn (39% cotton, 39% polyacryl, 11% linen, 11% viscose; 190m/50g);

Crochet hook 3.

Size: S (M) L.

Used Patterns

Main pattern: half-crochets, replace the 1st half-crochet of every row to 2 chain sts.

Square: make 6 chain sts and circle them in the ring with 1 slip st in the ring. Work due to the scheme with circle rows. Replace the 1st st of every circle row to chain sts increase, the quantity of which is stated on the scheme and finish with 1 slip st in the last chain st increase or as stated, 1 double crochet. Repeat 1st-3rd circle rows x once, connect the squares due to the scheme, starting with the 2nd square. For this, join to the previous square in the 3rd circle row with the help of 1 single crochet.

Stitches control: main pattern: 23 sts x 18 rows = 10 x 10 cm;

Square: 6,5 cm x 6,5 cm.



Make 96 (106) 120 chain sts + 2 chain sts increase and work with the main pattern. In 19 (20) 21 cm from the set-up row, divide your work in the middle and finish each side separately. For chamfer, bind off 19 (19) 7 x 2 sts together in every row from inwards, then, * make 1 x 3 sts, 1 x 2 sts together by turn in every row*; repeat from * to * x 4 (5) 11 times. At the same time, in 29 (30) 31 cm from the set-up row, decrease 11 (13) 14 x 1 st in every row from both sides for arm-holes. In 37 (38) 39 cm from the set-up row, make the rest 3 sts together from each side.


Make 32 squares and connect them due to the scheme in the yoke of front and back.


Make shoulder seams, for this, connect squares with single crochets. Make side seams.

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Wondering in Alaska Two-Coloured Crochet Stitch
18 hours ago
Where is the written pattern ?
Gramingo Gramingo Crochet Crane Hill:
21 hour ago
It would have have been helpful and saved me a lot...
Denise Denise Easy Breathy Crochet Skirt
1 day ago
Yes i need the tutorial
Denise Denise Easy Breathy Crochet Skirt
1 day ago
the crochet skirt I need translation.
stpvss Easy Crochet Marilyn Sleeveless Top:
1 day ago
There are thorough instructions in the website.
stpvss Easy Breathy Crochet Skirt
1 day ago
In your browser there is a feature to translate th...
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1 day ago
Easy Crochet Marilyn Sleeveless Top: please send p...
Judy Judy Easy Breathy Crochet Skirt
1 day ago
Why is this not in English?  Where can I find the ...
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2 days ago
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stpvss Crochet bottle bag
3 days ago
Hi, I've just added the link to the pattern. Sorry...