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​Grey and Red Crochet Pullover

Dec 09, 2021 11:52 PM

You’ll need:

350g of grey yarn (65% acryl, 20% cotton, 15% wool);

300g of the same yarn, but in red color;

Crochet hook 3,5.

Size: M.

Stitches control: 16 sts = 10 cm.



Make 73 chain sts and work due to the scheme 1 (18 pattern repeats), alternate 4 grey rows and 2 red rows. At 49 cm height, bind off 4 sts from both sides for arm-holes (16 pattern repeats) and crochet straight. At 70 cm height, after getting 17 sts for each shoulder and 31 sts for neck-hole, finish your work.


Make in the same way, as back. At 60 cm height, make neck-hole due to the scheme 2. At 70 cm height, after getting 17 sts for each shoulder, finish your work.


Make 41 chain sts and work due to the scheme 1, alternate the colors of yarn in the same way, as for back, increase 10 x 1 st in every 3rd row from both sides = 61 sts. At 47 cm height, paying attention, that the last 2 rows should be red, finish your work.


Make 170 chain sts with red yarn and work due to the scheme 3.


Make side seams and sew up the sleeves. Make 1 row of single crochets along the neck-hole with grey yarn, then, make 6 circle rows due to the scheme 1 with red yarn, finish every row with slip st, finish your work.

​Grey and Red Crochet Pullover
​Grey and Red Crochet Pullover
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April H
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nice coat
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Welcome!  We enjoy crochet also. 
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