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There are some nice ones I did a jellyfish & seaho...
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​Crochet Dark-Grey Pullover

Mar 18, 2021 11:08 PM

You’ll need:

500 (525) 575g of grey Novena yarn (50% merino wool, 30% baby alpaca, 20% polyamide; 110m/25g);

Crochet hook 4.

Size: S (M) L.

Used Patterns

Main pattern: the quantity of sts is multiple 10 + 2. Work due to the scheme. Start with sts before pattern repeat, pattern repeat, finish with sts after pattern repeat. Make 1st-4th rows x once, then, repeat 3rd-4th rows.

Stitches control: 23 sts x 14,5 rows = 10 x 10 cm.



Make 112 (122) 132 chain sts + 3 chain sts increase and work with the main pattern. In 60,5 cm = 88 rows (62 cm = 90 rows) 63,5 cm = 92 rows from the set-up row, finish your work, the central 54 (54) 56 sts form neck-hole, the outer 29 (34) 38 sts – shoulders.


Make in the same way, as back, but with cut and neck-hole. For cut, in 34,5 cm = 50 rows (36 cm = 52 rows) 37,5 cm = 54 rows from the set-up row, divide your work in the center and finish both sides separately. In 12,5 cm = 18 rows from the beginning of cut, bind off 1 x 10 sts from both sides of neck-hole along the cuts and 1 x 3 sts, 1 x 2 sts, 1 x 1 st in every row. In 7 cm = 10 rows, decrease 1 x 2 sts and 4 (4) 5 x 2 sts and 1 (1) 0 x 1 st in every row. Finish your work on the rest 29 (34) 38 sts of shoulder at the height of back.


Make 52 (52) 62 chain sts + 3 chain sts increase and work with the main pattern. At the same time, increase 20 x 1 st in every 2nd and 4th rows due to the pattern from both sides (6 x 1 st in every 4th row and 19 x 1 st in every 2nd row) 7 x 1 st in every 4th row and 17 x 1 st in every 2nd row = 92 (102) 110 sts. In 45 cm = 65 rows from the set-up row, finish your work.


Make shoulder seams. Fasten the edge of neck-hole with 1 row of single crochets. For cord, make a chain of 110 cm long and fasten it with 1 row of slip sts. Insert the cord in the edges of cut. Sew up the sleeves, make side and sleeve seams.

​Crochet Dark-Grey Pullover
​Crochet Dark-Grey Pullover
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