it looks difficult....but I love a challenge.....
GlendaFunny Snowman Cup Warmer 1 day ago
hmmmm not see even one reply about sharing t...
 Love it.   would you share the pattern please? 
Love it!!! How do I get the pattern?
I would like the pattern.
love it!  Can I pls get a pattern?
DebFunny Snowman Cup Warmer 2 days ago
Is there a pattern for this cozi?
LindaCrochet Baby Dress Pattern 3 days ago
I would like to have this pattern and another one ...

​Basic Knit Pullover

Nov 07, 2021 07:23 PM

You’ll need:

200 (250) 300g of marine color yarn (54% sheep wool, 26% mohair, 20% polyacryl; 210m/50g);

50 (100) 100g of the same yarn, but in grey color;

50g of the same yarn, but in curry color;

Knitting needles 8;

Circular knitting needles 8.


Size: S (M) L.


Note: work in 2 threads of yarn.


Used Patterns

1 x 1 rib.

Stockinette stitch (circle rows): knit.

Stockinette stitch (straight and reversed rows): in RS row – knit sts, in WS row – purls.

Stripes order: 10 curry rows, 2 curry/grey rows, 4 curry rows, then, work with marine yarn to the end.


Stitches control: 8,5 sts x 13 rows = 10 x 10 cm.



Front and Back

Cast on 92 (100) 108 sts with circular knitting needles and grey yarn, circle the row in the ring and make 4 cm of rib for lower placket. Continue work with stockinette stitch, changing colors of yarn due to the stripes order. In 31 cm = 40 rows from lower placket, divide sts for forming arm-holes in the following way: the last 46 (50) 54 sts for front, 46 (50) 54 sts for back with stockinette stitch in straight and reversed rows. In 47,5 cm = 62 rows (50,5 cm = 66 rows) 53,5 cm = 70 rows from lower placket, bind off all sts in one row, the central 18 sts form neck-hole, 14 (16) 18 sts from each side – shoulder edges. Transfer the previously left sts to working needles and continue work with stockinette stitch in straight and reversed order. In 38,5 cm = 50 rows (41,5 cm = 54 rows) 44,5 cm = 58 rows from lower placket, bind off the central 10 sts for neck-hole and finish both sides separately. For smooth rounding, bind off 1 x 2 sts and 1 x 1 st in every 2nd row from inwards, then, 1 x 1 st in the next 4th row. Bind off the rest 14 (16) 18 sts of shoulder at the same height as back. Make the second side in symmetry.



Cast on 22 sts for each sleeve with grey yarn and make 3 cm of rib for placket. Continue work with stockinette stitch. Continue work with stockinette stitch. At the same time, starting from placket, increase 4 x 1 st from both sides in every 12th row (6 x 1 st in every 8th row) 8 x 1 st in every 6th row. At the same time in 31 cm = 40 rows from placket, change the yarn of placket to double yarn in marine color. There are 30 (34) 38 sts on knitting needles. In 46 cm = 60 rows from placket, bind off sts in one row.



Make shoulder seams. Cast on 42 sts along neck-hole with double threads of marine color yarn and work with circle rows of rib. When the width of trim is 4 cm, bind off sts. Sew up the sleeves. Make side and sleeve seams.

​Basic Knit Pullover
​Basic Knit Pullover
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