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​Crochet Stripped Poncho

May 31, 2021 11:49 PM

You’ll need:

150g of bright-pink mélange (202), bright-pink/whie (402), mélange coral (204), coral/white (404) Lana Grossa California yarn (80% cotton, 20% silk; 100m/50g);

Crochet hook 7.

Size: S-M.

Used Patterns

Single crochets: work with straight and reversed rows. Start every row with 1 chain st increase in the 2nd chain st from the crochet hook.

Crossed double crochets: simple crossed double crochet is the same height as treble crochet. For crossed double crochet, make yarn over, insert crochet hook in st, draw yarn, yarn over, make 2 sts together. Then, make 1 yarn over, skip 1 st of the previous row, insert crochet hook in the next st, draw the yarn, yarn over, crochet 2 sts together – there is crossing point, 2 sts with new yarn overs together x twice. Make 2 chain sts and 1 double crochet in the crossing point.

Patterns order: * 4 rows of single crochets, 3 rows of crossed double crochets, 4 rows of single crochets = 11 rows*; repeat from * to *, 1st crossed double crochet in the beginning of row in the following way: 3 chain sts and double crochet. After that, work as it’s previously described. Don’t skip sts between crossed double crochets.

Stripes order: 11 rows of bright-pink mélange yarn, 11 rows of coral-white yarn, 11 rows of bright-pink/white yarn, 11 rows of mélange coral yarn = 44 rows.

Stitches control: 16 single crochets or 5 crossed double crochets x 11 rows = 10 x 12 cm.


Make 2 same rectangulars. For one rectangular, make 100 chain sts + 1 chain st increase with bright-pink mélange yarn and work due to stripes order. In 48 cm = 44 rows from the set-up row, finish your work. Sew rectangulars due to the pattern design, connect marks.

Make 1 circle row of holes along neck-hole with coral-white yarn in the following way: join yarn with 1 slip st, * 1 single crochet, 2 chain sts, skip 2 sts from edge*; repeat from * to *. Finish the row with 1 slip st. For cord, make 80 chain sts with coral-white yarn and fasten it with 1 row of single crochets.

Draw cord through circle row with holes. Make tassels, 1 tassel in every crossed double crochet, 1 tassel in the center of the row of single crochets and 1 tassel in every 4th st to the rest 2 edges. For each tassle, cut 3 threads of same yarn 33 cm long, fold in half, draw the obtained st through work. The length of tassel = 15 cm.

​Crochet Stripped Poncho
​Crochet Stripped Poncho
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