LexiPretty in Pink Elephant Lovey 52 minutes ago
I like the stitch pattern in this lovey
Love the style of this jacket!
Cute and funny owl
What a cuty!
SusanSukienka 2 hours ago
Great job! You look so elegant in this dress!
I'll try to find some photo instructions for you
Sharon PalmPretty in Pink Elephant Lovey 2 hours ago
I love this. What a perfect gift 
Susan​Black Crochet Tunic 2 hours ago

​Crochet Light-Blue Pullover

Apr 20, 2021 11:31 PM

You’ll need:

300 (350) 400g of turquoise Algarve yarn (100% cotton; 142m/50g);

Crochet hook 3.

Size: S (M) L.

Used Patterns

Main pattern: the quantity of sts is multiple 14 +1 + 3 chain sts increase. Work due to the scheme. Start with sts before pattern repeat, pattern repeat, finish with sts after pattern repeat. Make 1st-11th rows x once, then, repeat 2nd-11th row.

Pattern of arches: the quantity of sts is multiple 4.

1st rnd: single crochets, start with 1 chain st increase;

2nd rnd: 3 chain sts increase instead of the 1st double crochet, 3 double crochets in the same 1st st, * skip 3 sts, 4 double crochets in the next st*; repeat from * to *, skip 3 sts, 1 slip st in chain st increase.

Stitches control: 26,5 sts x 10 rows = 10 x 10 cm.



Make 113 (127) 141 chain sts + 3 chain sts increase and work with the main pattern = 7 (8) 9 pattern repeats + initial and final sts. In 30 cm = 30 rows (35 cm = 35 rows) 35 cm = 35 rows from the set-up row, leave 7 sts from both sides for arm-holes. Finish your work on the rest 99 (113) 127 sts in 50 cm = 50 rows (57 cm = 57 rows) 60 cm = 60 rows from the set-up row.


Make in the same way, as back, but withV-shape neck-hole. For this, leave the central st with the beginning of arm-hole and finish both sides separately. For chamfer, bind off * 1 x 1 st and 1 x 2 sts in every row*; repeat from * to * x once, then, bind off 15 x 1 st (21 x 1 st) 21 x 1 st. Finish your work on the rest 28 (35) 42 sts from each side at the height of back.


Make shoulder seams. Fasten vertical edges of arm-holes with 105 (117) 133 single crochets and work with the main pattern, start with sts from arrow A (B) A, make 7 (7) 9 pattern repeats, finish with sts before arrow C (D) C. At 3 cm = 3 rows length of sleeve, decrease 7 x 1 st in every row from both sides for chamfers. Finish on the rest 91 (103) 119 sts at 10 cm = 10 rows length of sleeve.


Make side and sleeve seams. Fasten the bottom edge of front, back and neck-hole with pattern of arches.

​Crochet Light-Blue Pullover
​Crochet Light-Blue Pullover
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Apr 21, 2021 02:07 PM

I'll try to make this pullover, hope, that it won't be very difficult for me

Apr 22, 2021 01:07 PM

I'll try to make this pullover, hope, that it won't be very difficult for me

I'm sure you'll manage it