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Such a great pattern. Thanks for sharing.
Susan​Black Relief Vest 6 hours ago
Thank you!
Susan​Black Relief Vest 6 hours ago
I'm pleased, that you like it
I'll try to find this pattern for you
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In memory of my precious fur baby, I would love th...

​Dark Green Poncho

Jul 10, 2021 11:04 PM

You’ll need:

650g of 100% merino wool (120m/50g) in dark-green color;

Crochet hooks 3,5 and 4.

Used Patterns

Main pattern: the quantity of set-up sts is multiple 3 + 1. Work due to the scheme 1, start with 1 WS row. Start with sts before pattern repeat, pattern repeat, finish with sts after pattern repeat. Make 1st-3rd rows x once, then, repeat 2nd-3rd rows.

Border of slip sts: work with circle rows due to the scheme 2 on the edges of the main pattern. Start every circle row with the needed quantity of chain sts instead of the 1st st and sts before pattern repeat, pattern repeat, finish with 1 slip st in the upper chain st increase, turn to the beginning of the 2nd circle row with the help of slip st after the 1st circle row. Set-up sts are considered as 1 pattern repeat. Make 1st-3rd circle rows x once.

Stitches control: main pattern: 17 sts x 7 rows = 10 x 10 cm;

3 circle rows of border = 5 cm.


Make 121 chain sts + 3 chain sts increase with dark-green yarn and crochet hook 4 and work with the main pattern in straight and reversed direction = 3 chain sts increase + 40 pattern repeats. In 48,5 cm = 34 rows from the set-up row, decrease 1 x 2 pattern repeat (from RS), then, * decrease 1 x 1 pattern repeat in every row and 1 x 2 pattern repeats*; repeat from * to * x once, then, decrease 3 x 1 pattern repeat, for this, skip sts in the beginning of row, make slip st in the end of row = 29 pattern repeats. In 60 cm = 42 rows from the set-up row, the center of poncho is reached. Finish your work in reflection. In 120 cm = 84 rows from the set-up row, finish your work.


Fold poncho in half RS inwards, connect set-up row and bind off edge. Make seam from set-up row/bound off row to neck-hole. Fasten the whole lower edge with 5 cm = 3 circle rows of border of slip sts, 20 pattern repeats are located in the set-up row and bound off edge and 40 pattern repeats on cross side.

​Dark Green Poncho
​Dark Green Poncho
​Dark Green Poncho
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