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​Light-Purple Crochet Suit

Aug 29, 2021 09:38 PM

You’ll need:

700g of grey-pink yarn (47% cotton, 53% viscose; 400m/100g);

400g of the same yarn, but in light-purple color;

Crochet hook 2,5.

Size: M.



Make back and front together, at first, make lower part from up to down, then upper part from down to up. Work in 2 threads of yarn.

For lower part, make 210 chain sts and circle them in the ring, make 7 cm due to the scheme 1. After that, make 7 pattern repeats due to the scheme 2. Make upper part of due to the scheme 3 for 11 cm along upper edge. After that, make arm-holes, front and back separately.


For arm-holes, decrease 5 cm from both sides. Work due to the scheme 3. In 50 cm from the lowest edge of back, bind off the central 42 sts for neck-hole and finish shoulders separately. In 17 cm from the beginning of arm-holes, finish your work.Front

Make left and right front separately. For this, don’t finish 11 sts from neck-hole side, make arm-hole in the same way, as for back. Then, make decreases for neck-hole of 10 x 1 st in every row. Then, crochet straight. In 17 cm from the beginning of arm-hole, finish your work.


Make 90 chain sts and work due to the scheme 1 for 18 cm, make 3 pattern repeats due to the scheme 2 – lower part of sleeves. Continue work along upper edge due to the scheme 3 for 11 cm. Make decreases for arm-holes in the same way, as back. At 58 cm height from the set-up row, finish your work.


Make all the seams. Fasten neck-hole with 2 rows of single crochets in light-purple yarn and 1 row of * double crochet, 1 chain st*. Make detail due to the scheme 4, join it to neck-hole in the last row. Make 2 chains of and draw them in the sleeves.


Start from lower part. Make 210 chain sts with grey-pink yarn and circle in the ring, make 7 pattern repeats due to the scheme 2. Start your work with double crochets with light-purple yarn for 19 cm. Then, for side chamfers, decrease 8 x 1 st in every 2nd row for side chamfers. For belt, bent 1,5 cm and sew, insert rib.

​Light-Purple Crochet Suit
​Light-Purple Crochet Suit
​Light-Purple Crochet Suit
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