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Make a set-up chain the same length as your chest ...
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Thank you!I think it stretches well
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I like your bowl cozy.
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I like them all, really neat all ages.Joan Y. from...
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​Crochet Purple Shawl

Sep 16, 2021 12:40 AM

You’ll need:

750g of bright-pink Paloma yarn (60% alpaca, 40% wool; 65m/50g);

50g of the same yarn, but in beige color;

50g of the same yarn, but in violet color;

50g of the same yarn, but in purple color;

Crochet hook 4,5.

Size: 234 x 62 cm.

Used Patterns

Main pattern: initial width is 17 sts. Work due to the scheme. Make 1st-9th rows x once, then, repeat 2nd-9th rows.

Lace: initial width is 12 sts. Work due to the scheme. Start and finish rows and also make corners as it’s shown on the scheme. Make 1st-10th rows x once.

Stitches control: main pattern: 17 sts x 10,5 rows = 20 x 20 cm;

Lace: 8,5 rows = 10 cm.


Make 17 chain sts + 3 chain sts increase with beige yarn and work with the main pattern, make 48 cm with beige, bright-pink, violet and purple yarn (each). In 192 cm from the set-up row, finish your work. Fasten shawl with 1 row of single crochets (make 13 single crochets along short sides and 169 sts along long sides, 3 single crochets in the corners). Then, fasten your shawl with bright-pink yarn, start on one long side at 13 sts distance from 3 corner sts (arrow A).

​Crochet Purple Shawl
​Crochet Purple Shawl
​Crochet Purple Shawl
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