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It's a 4 dc bobble

​Crochet Green Bolero

Aug 08, 2021 10:38 PM

You'll need:

300g of green yarn (65% acryl, 20% cotton, 15% wool);

50g of the same yarn, but in black color;

Crochet hook 3,5;


Stitch markers.

Size: M.

Stitches control: 12 sts = 10 cm.



Make 55 chain sts with green yarn and work due to the scheme 1. At 19 cm height, leave 4 sts open from both sides for arm-holes = 47 sts. At 40 cm height, after getting 9 sts for each shoulder and 29 sts for neck-hole, cut the yarn.

Right Front

Make 19 chain sts with green yarn and work due to the scheme 2, making increases. At 19 cm height, make arm-hole and neck-hole chamfer = 9 sts for shoulder. At 40 cm height, cut the yarn.

Left Front

Make in symmetry to the right front.


Make 43 chain sts with green yarn and work due to the scheme 1. At 26 cm height, make sleeve cap due to the scheme 3 = 18 sts and cut the yarn. Total height is about 33 cm.


Make seams and sew up the sleeves. For front, lower edge and neck-hole, make trim in the following way: make 10 chain sts with green yarn and make 1 row of single crochets and continue work with single crochets, insert crochet hook through front loop. Crochet, alternating 2 green and 2 black rows for 38 cm, then, work only with green yarn for 45 cm, the next 65 cm - * 2 black rows, 2 green rows*, the rest 45 cm – with green yarn. Fasten front, neck-hole and lower edge, starting from left shoulder with the obtained trim. Fold lower edges of sleeves.

​Crochet Green Bolero
​Crochet Green Bolero
​Crochet Green Bolero
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Aug 09, 2021 12:46 PM

Nice summer bolero