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It's a 4 dc bobble

​Crochet Green Top

Aug 24, 2021 11:40 PM

You’ll need:

200g of green yarn (100% cotton; 1000m/100g);

100g of green yarn (100% silk; 1000m/100g);

50g of grey yarn (100% cotton; 280m/50g);

Crochet hook 1,9.

Size: S.

Used Patterns

Main pattern: due to the scheme 4-1.

Element: due to the scheme 4-2. Work from center around. Circle rows are stated on the scheme. The size of element is 9 cm. Make the first and second rows with green yarn, the rest rows – with grey yarn, you’ll need 10 elements for this variant.


Work in 1 thread of grey yarn. For green yarn – work in 3 threads (2 threads of cotton yarn, 1 thread of silk yarn).


Make 84 chain sts with green yarn and work with the main pattern due to the scheme 4-1. All the needed rows are stated on the scheme. Crochet straight from the 1st to the 54th rows. Then, make decreases from both sides in the 55th row for arm-holes. Decreases for the right side are stated on the scheme. Make the left side in reflection. Make all the rows, finish the rows above back.


Make in the same way, as for back.


Make side seams. For yoke, make 10 elements due to the scheme 4-2. Connect the elements between one another in the last row (5 elements for back and front). Fasten the edge with 1 row of single crochet with grey yarn along inner edge. Fasten arm-holes with 1 row of double crochets with grey yarn.

​Crochet Green Top
​Crochet Green Top
​Crochet Green Top
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