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Thank you for this pattern! I want to make it
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Love sunflowers
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​Crochet Cardigan with Hood

May 22, 2021 11:09 PM

You’ll need:

1500g of 100% wool (178m/100g) in black color;

Crochet hook 2,5; 2; 1,7;

8 buttons.

Size: S.

Note: make pattern design in full dimensions.


At first, work as one-piece cloth. Make 230 chain sts with crochet hook 2,5 and work with double crochets for 25 cm. Decrease 5 sts in the next row. In 40 cm decrease 5 sts = 220 sts. Crochet straight for 55 cm and decrease 10 sts. Change to crochet hook 2 and crochet for 15 cm, decrease 10 sts = 200 sts. Change to crochet hook 1,75. Crochet for 14 cm – waist, then, divide 200 sts into 3 parts – 2 halves of front and back: 49 sts – left front, 1 st – central st, 100 sts – back, 1 st – central st, 49 sts – right front. Mark the central sts with pins or markers. Increase 1 st from both sides of central sts in the 15th and 17th rows, make 16th, 18th, 19th rows without increases.

Right Front

Crochet on 49 sts (step back 3 sts from central st), decrease 2 x 2 sts and 2 x 1 st for arm-hole. Totally, crochet for 16 rows and decrease 1 x 8 sts, 1 x 4 sts, 4 x 2 sts for neck-hole = 25 sts. Totally, make 27 rows from the beginning of arm-hole.

Left Front

Make in symmetry to the right front.


Step back 3 sts from both sides of central sts and decrease 2 x 2 sts, 2 x 1 st from both sides for arm-holes. Finish your work at the height of front.


Make 60 chain sts and work with double crochets. For sleeve chamfers, make increases due to the pattern design. Totally, crochet for 40 cm and start making sleeve cap due to the pattern design. Make second sleeve in the same way.


Make 140 chain sts and 12 rows of half crochets, then, make 16 cm of double crochets, decrease sts in the center of hood by means of making 3 sts together, continue work, matching with the pattern design.


Make front plackets with half-crochets. At 3 rows height of placket, make 8 button-holes on the right front. Sew buttons to the left front. Make shoulder seams. Sew up the sleeves in the arm-holes. Make sleeve seams. Sew up the hood in the neck-hole. Fasten front, hood and lower edge of cardigan with 1 row of “shrimp stitch”.

​Crochet Cardigan with Hood
​Crochet Cardigan with Hood
​Crochet Cardigan with Hood
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May 23, 2021 11:35 AM

Good casual cardigan, love that it has hood

May 24, 2021 12:30 PM

Good casual cardigan, love that it has hood

I also think so