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​Crochet Jacket and Romper for Baby

Apr 23, 2021 10:54 PM

You’ll need:

300g of light-green 100% acryl yarn;

20g of white silk yarn;

Crochet hooks 2,5 and 3;

2 white buttons;

2 m of satin lace 1 cm wide.

Size: 6-9 months.

Stitches control: 25 sts = 10 cm.




Make 64 chain sts and work due to the scheme with crochet hook 3. At 17 cm height, bind off 5 sts from both sides for arm-holes. At 29 cm height, finish your work.

Right Front

Make 36 chain sts with crochet hook 3 and make in the same way, as back. At 24 cm height, bind off 1 x 5 sts and 4 x 1 st. At 29 cm height, finish your work.

Left Front

Make in symmetry to right front.


Make 47 chain sts and work due to the scheme, increase 6 x 1 st in every 2nd row from both sides. At 19 cm height, finish your work.


Make all the seams and sew up the sleeves in the arm-holes. Fasten the whole work with 5 rows of single crochets and 1 row of picots with crochet hook 2,5 with silk yarn.



Make 24 chain sts for each pant and make 3 cm of double crochets, increase 12 sts = 36 sts. Continue work due to the scheme. In 18 cm, connect both pants, make 8 chain sts between them = 80 sts and work due to the scheme. In 16 cm height, decrease 22 sts in the 1st row = 58 sts.

2nd row: 3 chain sts increase, * 1 chain st, 1 double crochet, skip 1 st of lower row*; repeat from * to * to the end of row;

3rd row: half double crochet;

4th row: double crochets, decrease 12 sts = 46 sts;

5th row: half double crochets;

6th row: double crochets, decrease 6 sts = 40 sts. Continue work, alternating 1 row of half double crochets and 1 row of double crochets to 8 cm, at 45 cm total height, finish your work.


Make in the same way, as back. For straps, make the first and last 8 double sts as double crochets during 25 cm. At 68 cm height, finish your work, making 1 button-loop on each strap.


Make all the seams. Sew 2 buttons to the back details. Insert satin lace.

​Crochet Jacket and Romper for Baby
​Crochet Jacket and Romper for Baby
​Crochet Jacket and Romper for Baby
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So lovely!

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So lovely!