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Crochet Granny Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

Feb 06, 2024 12:34 PM
Crochet Granny Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

Step into the world of timeless elegance and warmth with our exquisite Cozy Granny Scarf. This handcrafted masterpiece is a modern twist on the classic crochet design, perfect for adding a touch of vintage charm to any outfit. Made with love and attention to detail, this scarf is a true labor of love that will keep you snug and stylish throughout the colder months. Whether you're strolling through a winter wonderland or simply enjoying a cozy evening by the fireplace, our Cozy Granny Scarf will be your faithful companion. Its generous length allows for versatile styling options, whether you prefer to wrap it snugly around your neck or drape it effortlessly over your shoulders. With its timeless beauty and undeniable warmth, this scarf is a must-have accessory for those who appreciate the finer things in life. So why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary with our Cozy Granny Scarf?


ch. Chain
sc. Single Crochet
dc. Double Crochet
rpt. Repeat
sl st. Slip Stitch
Base of ch. Work in first stitch
ch3 counts as first dc

Size approx: 5 x 67 Inches



5.50mm Clover Crochet Hook

GAUGE – 1 pat

Made in multiples of 3 + 1

ch235 loosely, 1dc in 4th ch from hook, * skip 2ch, 3dc in next ch, * rpt from * to * to last ch3, skip 2ch, 2dc in the last ch. Turn. (76, 3dc groups + 2, 2dc groups)

Row 2 – ch3, skip 2dc, 3dc in the first space between 2dc and 3dc group, * skip 3dc, 3dc in space between next two 3dc groups, * rpt from * to * to last dc and ch3 to turn with, skip dc, 1dc in top of ch3. Turn.

Row 3 – ch3, 1dc in base of ch3, * skip 3dc, 3dc in space between next two 3dc groups, rpt from * to * to last 3dc and ch3 to turn with, skip 3dc, work 2dc in top of ch3. Turn.

Rpt Rows 2 & 3 three more times. Turn. (you should have nine rows worked in all) See Granny Stitch Tutorial.

Border – ch1, 1sc in base of ch1, 1sc in each dc to end, 3sc in top of ch3, work 17sc evenly in row ends down first short side of scarf, 3sc in corner, 1sc in each ch
along starting chain edge, 3sc in corner, work 17sc evenly in row ends up second short side of scarf, 1sc in corner, sl st to first sc on beginning of row. Turn.

Picot Row – ch1, (1sc, ch2, 1sc) in base of ch1, * skip 2sc, (1sc, ch2, 1sc) in next sc, * rpt from * to * around all sides of scarf to end, working (1sc, ch2, 1sc, ch2, 1sc) in corners, sl st to the first sc on beginning row. Fasten off.

Finishing – Weave in and trim off all loose ends of yarn.

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