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Lynda Wells​Crochet Slippers with Flowers 9 hours ago
What is size 25?Beautiful slippers
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Plain pumpkin
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Your pattern says to use crochet hook 2,5 but I di...
SusanCrochet Marine Jacket 15 hours ago
I wish you good luck!
Susan​Relief Crochet Tunic 15 hours ago
Thank you!
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thank you 😊
I love this!!
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jack skeleton 
Make a set-up chain the same length as your chest ...
Thank you!I think it stretches well

​Crochet Emerald Pullover

Oct 11, 2021 11:52 PM

You’ll need:

400g of emerald Felicita yarn (45% mercerized wool, 45% acryl, 10% polyamide; 370m/100g);

Crochet hook 2.

Size: S.

Used Patterns

1 x 1 rib: * 1 front post double crochet, 1 back post double crochet*.

Relief pattern: due to the scheme.

Stitches control: 6 pattern repeats x 10 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Note: make pattern design in full dimensions.



Make 101 chain sts + 3 chain sts increase. Work with 1 x 1 rib for 13 cm. Then, work with relief pattern. Make arm-holes and neck-hole, matching with pattern design.


Make in the same way, as back, but with deeper neck-hole.


Make 52 chain sts. Work with relief pattern, make increases for sleeve chamfers and decreases for sleeve caps, matching with pattern design.


Make shoulder, side and sleeve seams. Sew up the sleeves in the arm-holes. Fasten lower edge of sleeves with 1 pattern repeat of relief pattern, then, make 7 single crochets in every arch of 5 chain sts. Fasten neck-hole with 5 chain sts, then, make 7 single crochets in every arch. 

​Crochet Emerald Pullover
​Crochet Emerald Pullover
​Crochet Emerald Pullover
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