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Pony tail crochet hat
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​Crochet Cap with Gussets

Aug 28, 2021 02:44 AM

You’ll need:

250g of Gioia 80 Dertagna Filati yarn (100% merino wool; 80m/50g) in beige color (#1103);

Crochet hook 4;

Knitting needles 3;


Stitch markers;

Plastic visor;

Button with 3 cm diameter.

Size: 58-59 cm.


Make 4 chain sts and circle them in the ring with slip st. Make 2 chain sts increase and make 7 half double crochets in the ring. There are 3 sts on the crochet hook. Catch the working yarn and draw it through all sts on the crochet hook at once. Continue work with half double crochets due to the scheme across.


For making bottom with gussets, make increases by means of making 2 crochets out of 1 crochet in equal intervals (8 increases in each gusset). When the diameter of circle is 27 cm, start making decreases in symmetry to increases. When the diameter of inner circle is 18-19 cm, work with single crochets for 5 cm more.

Cast on sts with circular knitting needles and make a stripe of 3 cm height with stockinette stitch. Fold the stripe to wrong side and bind off sts.


Visor consists of two details sewn together. For this, make a chain (the quantity of sts is 1/3 of sts of the last row) and start work with single crochets for visor. For rounding, make decreases by means of making knit2tog in the beginning and end of every row. Make the second detail in the same way. Sew both details along outer edge. Insert plastic visor.


Sew visor to the cap. Make a rectangular with stockinette stitch due to the size of button. Insert button in the rectangular and sew.

Sew button in the center of cap.

​Crochet Cap with Gussets
​Crochet Cap with Gussets
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