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Pony tail crochet hat
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​Crochet Tunic with Flowers Motifs

Jul 14, 2021 10:28 PM

You’ll need:

400g of white (40% polyamide, 30% viscose, 15% silk, 15% cashmere; 75m/50g);

350g of the same yarn, but in black color;

Crochet hooks 6 and 8.

Size: S.

Used Patterns

Flower square: fold 1 initial ch, make 12 single crochets in the ring and circle them in the ring with the help of 1 slip st in the 1st single crochet (= 1st circle row). Work due to the scheme with circle rows. Start every circle row with initial chain sts due to the scheme and finish 1 slip st. Make 1st-3rd circle rows x once, make the 1st-3rd rows with black yarn, 2nd circle row with white yarn. For the 2nd circle row, start with new white yarn, for the 3rd row, continue using the yarn of the 1st circle row. Starting from the 2nd square, connect motifs in the places, marked with arrows with the help of slip st.

Stitches control: 1 flower square = 6,5 cm x 6,5 cm.


Make 126 flower squares with crochet hook 8 and starting from the 2nd square, connect them, matching with the pattern design, make shoulder seams in the same way.


Fasten neck-hole with 1 circle row of arches with crochet hook 6 and black yarn and 1 circle row of popcorn sts.

​Crochet Tunic with Flowers Motifs
​Crochet Tunic with Flowers Motifs
​Crochet Tunic with Flowers Motifs
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