I hope these help…Enjoy..!!!             Debra
Such a great pattern. Thanks for sharing.
Susan​Black Relief Vest 5 hours ago
Thank you!
Susan​Black Relief Vest 5 hours ago
I'm pleased, that you like it
I'll try to find this pattern for you
SusanCrochet Blue Bag 5 hours ago
Great choice!
Bettie GilesCrochet Blue Bag 7 hours ago
In memory of my precious fur baby, I would love th...

​Crochet Lacy Pattern

Jul 10, 2021 12:49 AM

The quantity of sts is multiple 6 + 3.

1st row: Skip 3 CH (first stitch), DC in the next chain; 3 CH; skip 3 CH; *3 DC, 3 CH, skip 3 CH *repeat entire row; Two DC in the last two chains. Turn your work;

2nd row: 6 CH; skip 2 st; SC; 3 CH; skip 2 st *DC, 3 CH, skip 2 st, SC, 3 CH skip 2 st *repeat entire row; DC in the last stitch; Turn your work;

3rd row: 3 CH; DC in the first chain; 3 CH; skip 5 st; *3 DC, 3 CH, skip 5 st *repeat entire row; 2 DC; Turn your work.

Repeat the 2nd-3rd rows.

​Crochet Lacy Pattern
​Crochet Lacy Pattern
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