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​Crochet Set of Accessories

May 17, 2021 02:16 AM

You’ll need:

Odds of beige and white Rosa yarn (100% cotton; 150m/50g);

Crochet hook 2,5;

Big beads.



At first, make relief fringe due to the scheme 1. Then, fasten the detail with white yarn, petals – due to the scheme 2, make 12 single crochets between petals. For decoration, make chains with beads. For this, string the beads on the thread of yarn and make * 10 chain sts, string bead*; repeat from * to *. After putting on the 6th bead, make a chain in reversed order, fasten it with slip st before and after every bead. Make this way with white yarn x twice and with beige yarn x once. Fasten the ends of chains on the fringe.


Make a lace due to the scheme 1 with beige yarn to the needed length. Pay attention, that the beginning of lace is the center of belt (back). Make second half in symmetry from the beginning of first half, turn: 4 chain sts increase in the initial ring and work due to the scheme 1. Then, fasten petals due to the scheme 2, make 4 chain sts between them. Sew bead for fastening.


Make a flower due to the scheme 1 with beige yarn, make the last row (fastening) with white yarn. After you fasten 4 petals, make a loop of chain sts in the center of the 5th petal (for thumb). Fasten the 5th petal in the same way, as the rest petals. Then, go up with 3 half crochets to the top of the 1st petal and make a cuff. It’s width should be the circumference of the widest part of wrist. Make a chain (the quantity of sts should be multiple 5) a fasten it with half crochets to the center of the 9th petal. Make the next row in reversed order: 5 chain sts and slip st in every 5th st of the initial chain. Continue making net of 5 chain sts. Finish your work in 11 rows. Make the second mitten in the same way.

​Crochet Set of Accessories
​Crochet Set of Accessories
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