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This is so lovely. I too would love to have the pa...
Thank you for this pattern! I want to make it
Love sunflowers
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I love all of them!
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Oh my, these bunnies are too cute!
Thank you for the pattern!
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Thank you
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Wow, that is beautiful, that would be a great one ...
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it is absolutely beautiful. Your work is ‘top notc...

​Crochet Orange Pullover

Apr 30, 2021 02:13 AM

You’ll need:

500g of orange Cashmira yarn (100% wool; 300m/100g);

20g of the same yarn, but in dark-purple color;

Crochet hook 2;

6 wooden beads.

Size: S-M.

Note: make pattern design in full dimensions.



Make a chain of 53 cm long and make the 1st row with double crochets. Then, divide sts into 2 parts: 1 part – 32 cm wide, second part – 21 cm. Make the 1st part due to the scheme 1, the second part – due to the scheme 2. At 48 cm height, leave the central 16 cm for neck-hole and continue making each shoulder separately with filet net, decrease 1 square in every row. Form neck-hole, matching with the pattern design. The depth of neck-hole is 10 cm.


Make a chain of 17 cm long and work with filet net, work due to the scheme 3 in the center. Increase 3 sts in every row from both sides. Make 12 rows = 18 cm with increases. Then, work due to the scheme for 58 cm. Make side and shoulder seams, leaving 18 cm from each side for arm-holes.


Make chain sts along arm-holes line and work with circle rows of filet net for 44 cm.


Fasten cuffs with 3 cm of single crochets with dark-purple yarn. Fasten neck-hole with puff sts with dark-purple yarn, then, with single crochets with orange yarn. Divide the lower edge of front into 3 parts: 17,5 cm from one side, central 18 cm, 17,5 cm from another side. Fasten the lower edge of pullover (including the bottom of back) with 3 rows of double crochets, the central 18 cm with half crochets.

Make 3 chains of 40 cm long from dark-purple yarn and draw them through the upper holes of filet net, as it’s shown in the photo. Fasten wooden beads at the ends of chains.

​Crochet Orange Pullover
​Crochet Orange Pullover
​Crochet Orange Pullover
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