LexiPretty in Pink Elephant Lovey 44 minutes ago
I like the stitch pattern in this lovey
Love the style of this jacket!
Cute and funny owl
What a cuty!
SusanSukienka 1 hour ago
Great job! You look so elegant in this dress!
I'll try to find some photo instructions for you
Sharon PalmPretty in Pink Elephant Lovey 1 hour ago
I love this. What a perfect gift 
Susan​Black Crochet Tunic 1 hour ago

​Crochet Orange Car

Apr 26, 2021 11:35 PM

You’ll need:

Odds of 100% middle weight 100% cotton yarn in orange, light-blue, yellow, black colors;

Crochet hooks 1,25 and 3;



Bottom of Car

Make 15 chain sts with crochet hook 3 and black yarn and make 6 rows of single crochets, increases 5 sts in the turning places;

7th row: single crochets;

8th-9th rows: single crochets with orange yarn;

10th row: single crochets, decrease 3 sts in front part;

11th row: decrease 5 sts. Divide your work in half.

Front of Car

Work with single crochets, decrease 5 sts in the center, turn your work, double crochets, decrease 7 sts, turn, single crochets, decrease 3 sts in the center.


Make 17 single crochets with light-blue yarn and 7 rows, decrease 1 st in the beginning of every row. Make 2 rows of single crochets with black yarn on the second half of car and fasten glass with 1 row of single crochets.


Make 12 chain sts with black yarn and 15 rows of double crochets.


Make 8 chain sts with yellow yarn and crochet hook 1,25 and make 3 rows of single crochets, increase 3 sts in every turn.


Make 3 chain sts and circle them in the ring with black yarn.

1st row: 7 single crochets;

2nd-3rd rows: single crochets, increase 7 sts;

4th row: single crochets through back loop;

5th row: single crochets;

6th row: single crochets through back loop, decrease 7 sts;

7throw: decrease 7 sts.


Fill in your car with stuffing. Tighten all the sts.

​Crochet Orange Car
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