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​Crochet “Frog” Romper

2022-01-06 01:44:37
​Crochet “Frog” Romper
​Crochet “Frog” Romper
​Crochet “Frog” Romper
​Crochet “Frog” Romper

You’ll need:

70g of green CoCo yarn (100% cotton; 240m/50g);

Odds of white and red yarn;

Crochet hook 2;

2 buttons;

Thin satin lace.



Crochet from up to down. Make a chain of the same length as waist circumference + 3 cm for loose fitting, circle in the ring. Make 20 rows due to the scheme 1. Then, divide your work into 2 parts (pants), leave 2 pattern repeats in front part and 3 pattern repeats in back part between them. Join the yarn in the center of shorts (at the place of 2 pattern repeats) and make gore of double crochets, increase 1 st in every 2nd row from both sides. Make 8 such rows. Join the obtained stripe to the previously left 3 pattern repeats of back. Then, work due to the scheme 1, making every pant for 6 more rows. Then, make 4 rows of single crochets and turn to work due to the scheme 2.


Make 5 chain sts and circle them in the ring. Make 12 double crochets in the center of ring. Then, make 9 rows around, increase 12 double crochets in every row. Make the last row due to the scheme 3.


Make 35 chain sts + 3 chain sts increase and make 12 rows of double crochets.


Sew chest and back to shorts. Fasten pants with fringe of single crochets and picots with white yarn.


Make 2 smallrounds. Sew them to the chest and sew button in the center of each round.

Make mouth: make 30 chain sts + 2 chain sts increase with red yarn. Make 6 single crochets, 2 double crochets, 2 treble crochets, 10 triple crochets, 2 treble crochets, 1 double crochet, 6 single crochets. Sew. Insert 2 satin laces, connect the upper corners of back and chest, make bows.

2022-01-06 01:44:37
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