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Puffy Heart Keychain

Feb 10, 2023 06:58 AM
Puffy Heart Keychain

Check out this Puffy Heart Keychain. It is a wonderful craft that will end up being your favorite. Looking at this, I can't help but think about sharing this as a souvenir at my next party. It’s a thoughtful one as everyone needs a heart shaped keychain. They'll find a perfect need for it eventually, one that suits their personal needs. Also, it's a perfect piece to be added to your Valentine's day package. This quick craft is an awesome one and you'll be glad you made it.

Materials needed:

  • Crochet Hook, Size E/4 (3.5 mm) for worsted, B/1 (2.25 mm) 
  • Stitch Marker(s)
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Safety eyes, (10 mm for worsted, 6 mm for sport)
  • Embroidery Floss (optional)
  • Embroidery Needle (optional)
  • Dritz Disc Needle Pullers (optional)
  • Chopstick, dowel, or something similar to help with stuffing small parts
  • Keychain (optional)
  • Yarn
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