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Lynda Wells​Crochet Slippers with Flowers 8 hours ago
What is size 25?Beautiful slippers
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Plain pumpkin
Cindy​Crochet Slippers with Flowers 9 hours ago
Your pattern says to use crochet hook 2,5 but I di...
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I wish you good luck!
Susan​Relief Crochet Tunic 14 hours ago
Thank you!
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thank you 😊
I love this!!
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jack skeleton 
Make a set-up chain the same length as your chest ...
Thank you!I think it stretches well

Pineapple Crochet Blouse

Jul 06, 2021 02:40 AM

You’ll need:

6 (7) skeins of white 100% cotton yarn; 180m/50g);

Crochet hook 3.

Size: S/M (L/XL).

Stitches control: 5 pattern repeats in width x 9 rows in height = 10 x 10 cm.


Make 1 chain st with crochet hook 3, make 160 (180) chain sts and circle them in the ring and circle it with slip st in the 1st st.

Crochet around:

1st row: 4 chain sts, 2 double crochets in the next chain sts, * skip 3 chain sts, 2 double crochets in the next chain st, 1 chain st in the next chain st = 2 double crochets, 1 chain st*; repeat from * to *, skip 3 chain sts, 1 double crochet in the same st as the 1st chain st of the row, circle row with 1 slips st in the 3rd chain st from the beginning of row = totally, 32 (36) pattern repeats of the main pattern. After that, continue work around sue to the scheme of yoke.

Note: make the 1st row of the scheme only for L/XL side, for smaller size, start from the 2nd row.

Work due to the scheme to the last, but one row = 16 (18) pattern repeats of yoke, the length of the whole detail is about 20 (21) cm. After that, divide sts to back/front and sleeves.

For this, make the following marks: the first 4 pattern repeats – sleeve, the next 4 (5) pattern repeats = back/front, the next 4 pattern repeats = sleeve, the last 4 (5) pattern repeats = back/front. Make the last circle row and after that * 1 picot instead of chain st in the center of every shell, make 1 chain st as in the rest of the main pattern at back/front. Then, make back/front, continue work with the main pattern in circle rows: 23 chain sts to sleeve, make 2 double crochets, 1 chain st, 2 double crochets in every shell, 1 chain st between shells to the following sleeve, make 23 chain sts and work around with the main pattern. Make 4 shells in the next circle row on 23 chain sts, start and finish the row with 3 chain sts. After making 31 cm height, finish 1 row of shells with 1 row of picots in the center.

Pineapple Crochet Blouse
Pineapple Crochet Blouse
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