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Crochet Soap Doily

Jun 10, 2024 09:29 AM
Crochet Soap Doily

Introducing the Crochet Soap Doily, a charming and practical addition to your bathroom decor! This unique creation combines the beauty of crochet with the functionality of a soap holder. Handcrafted with love and attention to detail, each doily is meticulously woven using soft and durable yarn, ensuring its longevity. Not only are these doilies visually appealing, but they also make for a thoughtful and unique gift. Surprise your loved ones with a set of these handmade beauties, and they'll be delighted by the combination of artistry and functionality. So why settle for a plain soap dish when you can elevate your bathroom decor with the exquisite Crochet Soap Doily?


approximately 4" across

25 yards of #18 nylon thread (I think the colors from the Artiste line at Hobby Lobby are gorgeous, but the Red Heart cord feels the best to work with, for what it's worth)
Size F crochet hook
3 large flat back decorator marbles

Doily Center
(make 2)
ch 6, sl st to first ch to form a ring
R1: ch 2, 14 dc into the ring, sl st to first dc stitch to close round (14 st)
R2: ch 3 (counts as a dc + a ch 1), (3 dc in next st, ch 1, skip 1 stitch) 6 times, 2 dc in next st, sl st to 2nd ch to close round (28 st)
Note about Round 2 **I don't know the proper way to explain this, but close the round by crocheting into the 2nd of the chain stitches you made when you started the round. I have wasted too much time trying to figure out how to word this so that no one will be confused. This will end the round with 7 clusters of 3 stitches, and will line you up for the next row. Thank you. **
R3: ch 2, 4 dc in ch 1 sp, (5 dc in next ch 1 sp) 6 times, sl st to 2nd ch to close round (35 st)
Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Outer Edging
Holding the two doily centers together with wrong sides facing to the center, attach thread to any stitch.
R1: ch 1, 28 sc (making sure to go through the stitches on both doily centers to crochet them together), add the three large decorator marbles to the pouch you've created, 7 sc (to close up the pouch), sl st to first sc to close round (35 st)
R2: ch 1, (5 dc in next st, skip 1 st, sc, skip 1 st) 8 times, 5 dc in next st, skip 1, sc (54 st)
Fasten off. Weave in ends.

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