Love them!
Sandie​Crochet Lavender Doily 15 minutes ago
Why do the doilies have no size given???
Sandie​Crochet Lavender Doily 20 minutes ago
Size  ??
Very nice, thanks a lot!
SusanStriped Crochet Tunic 24 minutes ago
Thank you so much!
Susan​Crochet Puff Stitch 25 minutes ago
I'm sure it'll look good in a shawl
Susan​Primrose Crochet Pattern 26 minutes ago
I'm so happy to hear, that I could help you
Teresa​Primrose Crochet Pattern 32 minutes ago
I love this stitch AND WAS JUST  RECENTLY wonderin...
Beverly J Johnson​Crochet Puff Stitch 3 hours ago
Looks nice and easy to do.
ShdonnaStriped Crochet Tunic 18 hours ago
Looks very lovely and gorgeous 🌹

​Fluffy Coat for Girl

Nov 03, 2021 02:18 AM

You’ll need:

250g of light-pink yarn (40% alpaca, 30% sheep wool, 20% mohair, 10% polyamide; 100m/50g);

200g of pink yarn (53% sheep wool, 47% polyamide; 100m/50g);

250g of dust pink yarn (60% polyamide, 25% sheep wool, 15% polyacryl; 85m/50g);

Crochet hook 7;

Knitting needles 8;

1 silver button 20 mm diameter.


Size: 3-4 years (5-6 years) 7-9 years


Used Patterns

Garter stitch: knit.

Decorative increases: from the right side: 1 selvage st, 1 yarn over; from the left side: 1 yarn over, 1 selvage st. Make yarn overs as cross knit sts in the following rows.


Stitches control: 9 sts x 14,5 rows = 10 x 10 cm.


Note: work in 3 threads of yarn (1 thread of each type of yarn).




Cast on 40 (42) 44 sts and work with garter stitch. In 55 (58) 60 cm = 80 (84) 88 rows from the set-up row, bind off 3 sts from both sides for shoulder chamfers, then, bind off 1 x 3 sts and 2 x 4 sts in every 2nd row. At the same time with the beginning of shoulder chamfers, bind off the central 6 (8) 10 sts for neck-hole and at first, finish left side. For smooth neck-hole rounding, bind off 3 x 1 st in every 2nd row from inwards. Finish the second side in symmetry.


Left Front

Cast on 22 (23) 24 sts and work with garter stitch. In 35 (37) 40 cm = 50 (54) 58 rows from the set-up row, make 1 decorative increase from the left side for lapel, then, increase 4 x 1 st with decorative increases = 27 (28) 29 sts. Make shoulder chamfers from the right side in the same way, as for back. At the same time with the beginning of left side chamfers, bind off at first 7 (8) 9 sts for neck-hole, then, bind off 6 x 1 st in every 2nd row for smooth neck-hole.


Right Front

Make in symmetry to the left front.



Cast on 19 (21) 23 sts and work with garter stitch. In 6 rows from the set-up row, increase 1 st from both sides for chamfers, then, increase 4 x 1 st in every 6th row = 29 (31) 33 sts. In 30 (35) 40 cm = 44 (50) 58 rows from the set-up row, bind off sts in one row.



Make shoulder seams. For collar, cast on 30 (32) 34 sts and make 12 rows of garter stitch, then, bind off sts loosely. Sew up the sleeves, make sleeve seams. Make side seams. Fasten the whole work with 1 row of single crochets with the help of crochet hook. Sew button to the left front at the beginning of lapel.

​Fluffy Coat for Girl
​Fluffy Coat for Girl
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