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Love it!
slip 1 st, 1 knit st, draw it through the slipped ...
Thank you for this nice pattern
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​Crochet Beige Pullover

Oct 30, 2021 02:17 AM

You’ll need:

450 (500) 550g of beige Winter-Jasp yarn (46% polyacryl, 36% wool, 15% alpaca, 3% polyamide; 90m/50g);

50 (50) 50g of brown Malm yarn (47% wool, 47% polyacryl, 6% polyamide; 25m/50g);

Crochet hooks 5 and 9.


Size: S (M) L.


Used Patterns

Filet pattern: the quantity of sts is multiple 3 + 1. Start every row with 3 chain sts increase instead of the 1st double crochet and finish with 1 double crochet in upper chain st increase of the previous row.

1st row: 3 chain sts increase, * 2 chain sts, skip 2 sts of the previous row, 1 double crochet*; repeat from * to *.

Repeat the 1st row.


Stitches control: 16,5 sts x 6,5 rows = 10 x 10 cm.




Make 82 (88) 97 chain sts + 2 chain sts increase and work with filet pattern. For sleeves, in 30,5 (30,5) 28,5 cm from the set-up row, increase 1 st from both sides. Then, increase 2 x 1 st, 10 x 3 sts and 1 x 21 sts in the next row = 190 (196) 205 sts. Make increased sts in the following way: for increasing 1 st, make 1 double crochet and starting from the 3rd increased double crochet include sts in filet pattern; for increases of 3 or 21 sts, make chain sts in the end of row and work with filet pattern in the next WS row. In 64 cm from the set-up row, finish your work.



Make shoulder seams, leave the central 28 (28) 32 cm open for neck-hole. Make side and sleeve seams. For placket, fasten neck-hole with 2 circle rows of double crochets with Malm yarn and crochet hook 9. Start every row with 3 chain sts increase instead of the 1st double crochet and finish 1 slip st in the last chain st increase. Fasten the edges of sleeves in the same way.

​Crochet Beige Pullover
​Crochet Beige Pullover
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