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Pony tail crochet hat
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beanie do you have the patern 
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​Crochet Khaki Vest

Aug 02, 2021 11:07 PM

You’ll need:

12 (13) 14 (15) skeins of khaki yarn (90% wool, 10% viscose; 100m/50g);

Crochet hooks 3,5 and 5,5.

Size: S (М) L (ХL).

Used Patterns

Main pattern: * 1 front post double crochet, 1 back post double crochet*. Replace sts in every row.

Stitches control: 14,5 sts x 10 rows = 10 x 10 cm.


Make 145 (151) 157 (163) chain sts, turn with the help of 2 chain sts increase and work with double crochets to the end of row, make 1st double crochet from the 3rd chain st increase, turn with the help of 2 chain sts increase, 1 half double crochet. Continue work with main pattern to the last 2 sts of the row: 1 double crochet and 2 chain sts. Make 1 half double crochets from every of these 2 sts. Repeat this row until the length of work is 54 (55) 56 (57) cm. Divide sts to front, back in the next row and make new sts for arm-holes in the following way: 36 (38) 40 (420 sts, make 42 (44) 46 (48) chain sts, crochet the next 73 (75) 77 (79) sts, make 42 (44) 26 (48) chain sts, crochet the last 36 (38) 40 (42) sts = totally, 229 (239) 249 )259) sts. Crochet the next 1 (1) 2 (2) rows straight. Work with double crochets in the 1st row on set-up chain, continue work with main pattern on relief double crochets. Mark the first and the last chain st on every arm-hole with contrast yarn.

Make raglan decreases in the next row at contrast marks: crochet till the last 1 st before contrast yarn, make the next 3 crochets together in the same way, as 2 sts from both sides from contrast yarn. Repeat these decreases at all contrast marks. Crochet the next 1 (1) 1 (2) rows straight without decreases. Make raglan decrease in the next row at all contrast marks.

Make raglan decreases in every row in the next 15 (16) 17 (18) rows = totally, 93 (95) 97 (99) sts. Change to crochet hook 3,5 and make 1 row of single crochets. Tighten the yarn.

​Crochet Khaki Vest
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