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Such a great pattern. Thanks for sharing.
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Thank you!
Susan​Black Relief Vest 6 hours ago
I'm pleased, that you like it
I'll try to find this pattern for you
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In memory of my precious fur baby, I would love th...

​Relief Ecru Dress

Jul 06, 2021 02:42 AM

You’ll need:

7 skeins of white yarn (96% cotton, 4% polyester; 160m/50g) in ecru color;

Crochet hook 4.

Size: S/M.

Used Patterns

Square flower motif: make 3 circle rows due to the scheme A. At first, make 6 chain sts and circle them in the ring with slip st in the 1st chain st. Make 12 single crochets behind ring in the 1st row, make 1 chain st increase instead of the 1st single crochet. Circle every row with slip st in the 1st st. Make treble crochets in the 3rd rows and single crochet behind chains. 1 motif consists of 3 rows. Starting from the 2nd motif, connect all the following motifs with one another in the 3rd row by means of making 1 single crochet behind chains of the previous motif.

Lower edge: work due to the scheme A, lower rows. Make 2 circle rows = a and b. Start from corner of motif with slip st. Make 1 row along the edge of motif, alternating 1 single crochet and 3 chain sts. Skip single crochet with slip st and 2 chain sts in the 2nd row in order to continue pattern repeat due to the scheme. Finish every row with slip st in the 1st st.

Relief pattern: work with straight and reversed rows due to the scheme B. Start every row with the needed quantity of chain sts increase. Then, crochet sts to the 1st arrow, pattern repeat of 2 sts between arrows, finish with sts after the 2nd arrow. Make 1st-3rdrows, repeat 2nd-3rdrows.

Decreases: skip the needed quantity of sts in the beginning of ow, fasten them with slip st. Leave the needed quantity of sts without fastening in the end of row.

Stitches control: 1 square flower motif: 9,5 cm x 9,5 cm.

Relief pattern: 19,5 sts x 14 rows = 10 x 10 cm.



At first, make 30 motifs for lower part, connect motifs, as it’s described above: there should be 5 motifs wide and 6 motifs long. After that, make yoke with relief pattern, for this, make 91 double crochets = 18 double crochets on sts of every motif. When the height of yoke is 4 cm = 5 rows, bind off 1 x 6 sts, 1 x 4 sts, 2 x 2 sts in every 2nd row from both sides for arm-holes = 63 sts. After that, crochet straight until the height of arm-hole is 16 cm = 22 rows.


Make in the same way, as back, but with round neck-hole: when the height of yoke is 6 cm = 9 rows, leave the central 21 sts open for neck-hole and finish both sides separately. For smooth rounding, bind off 5 x 2 sts in every 2nd row from inwards. Then, bind off the rest 11 sts of shoulder. Make the second half in symmetry.


Fasten the edge of neck-hole with “shrimp stitch”. Finish every row with slip st in the 1st st. Fasten the lower edge = 2 rows. Weave in the ends.

​Relief Ecru Dress
​Relief Ecru Dress
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