EllieBaby Girl Booties 34 minutes ago
They are very cute!
SusanHello from Texas 37 minutes ago
Welcome to Craftorator!If you need any help, just ...
SusanCrochet Squares Stitch 4 hours ago
Thank you
SusanCrochet Squares Stitch 4 hours ago
In the photo, crochet hook 2,5 mm is shown. Yarn c...
I think cotton or acryl yarn will be the best for ...
I'm glad, that I could help you!
Cathylou JonesCrochet Blouse with Lace Sleeves 9 hours ago
Would love to know the pattern
DeniseCrochet Blouse with Lace Sleeves 11 hours ago
I love to crochet and adore this blouse your mom m...
This was just what I was looking for.  Pretty, sim...
Beautiful, would like the pattern, please.

Smartphones or Laptops

Jun 19, 2021 11:34 PM

Hello, my dear friends!

As usual, I want to wish you a nice day and mood today!

Hope, that all of you are safe and sound!

Do you use your mobile or laptop most, when you surfing the net?

What is more convinient for you?

Smartphones or Laptops
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