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Thank you for this pattern! I want to make it
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​Crochet Blue Dress

May 27, 2021 11:22 PM

You’ll need:

500g of blue 100% cotton yarn (210m/50g);

Crochet hooks 3 and 3,5;

About 80 cm of satin fabric for backing;

About 2 m of thin satin lace.

Size: S.


Triangle element: scheme 11-1. Work from center around. Length: 10 cm. You’ll need 9 elements for skirt and 2 elements for bra.

Main pattern: scheme 11-3, repeat 6th-7th rows.



It consists of 2 same parts in the base is element due to the scheme 11-1. Make work with crochet hook 3. At first, make each part separately. After making 1st-3rd rows of the element, fasten it due to the scheme 11-2 (4th-8th rows, black color). After fastening 2 parts, connect them from one side (center of bra). Now, turn to fastening upper edge of bra due to the scheme 11-2 (9th-11th row, red color). Make straps for each part of bra of 32 cm long from upper edge. Work with pattern due to the scheme 11-2 (marked with black color in the upper part of scheme.


Start your work with crochet hook 3. Make 79 chain sts from one side of lower edge of bra (back of skirt), join it to another side of lower edge of skirt and then, crochet skirt around without seams. At first, make the 1st row of double crochet – 243 crochets (79 crochets – back, 169 crochets – front). Crochets for lower edge of bra are shown on the scheme 11-2 (marked with red, lower part of the scheme). Then, work with the main pattern due to the scheme 71-3 from the 2nd row (repeat 6th-7th rows). There are 31 pattern repeats in a row. Crochet straight, in 25 cm from the beginning of skirt, change to crochet hook 3,5.


Fasten the upper edge of bra and straps from both sides, fasten with pattern due to the scheme 11-4. With more details due to the scheme 11-2 (12 row is marked with red in the upper part of scheme). Sew the ends of straps to the upper edge of skirt. Make 9 elements due to the scheme 11-1, connect them in the last row between one another along the lower edge of skirt. Places of connection are marked with arrows on the scheme. Sew backing to the ready-made dress.

​Crochet Blue Dress
​Crochet Blue Dress
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