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​Long Crochet Cardigan

Mar 17, 2021 02:29 AM

You’ll need:

750g of ecru Secondo yarn (55 cotton, 25% polyamide, 20% silk; 125m/50g);

Crochet hook 3.

Size: S-M.

Used Patterns

Main pattern: the quantity of sts is multiple 9 + 1 + 3 chain sts increase. Work due to the scheme 1. Start with sts before pattern repeat, pattern repeat, finish with sts after pattern repeat. Make 1st-3rd rows x once, then, repeat 2nd-3rd rows.

Motif with windmill: make 6 chain sts and circle them in the ring with 1 slip st. Work due to the scheme 2 with circle rows. Start every circle row with 1 extra chain st increase and finish with 1 slip st in the 1st st of the previous row. Make 1st-4th rows x once.

Trimming: the quantity of sts is multiple 12 + 7 + 3 chain sts increase. Make in the same way, as main pattern, but due to the scheme 3.

Note: pattern repeat is only 10 sts in the 9th row.

Make 1st-4th rows x once.

Stitches control: main pattern: 25,5 sts x 10,5 rows = 10 x 10 cm;

Trimming: 23 sts x 11 rows = 10 x 14 cm;

Motif: 8 x 8 cm.


At first, make 44 motifs, starting from the 2nd motif, connect them in a lace of 4 x 11 motifs (= lower detail) in the last row with the help of slip st. Fasten upper transversal edge with 199 double crochets (= 18 double crochets for every motif + 1 final double crochet) and then work with the main pattern. In 32 cm from the beginning, work with the main pattern (= 34 rows), make back on the central 56 cm at first (= 14 pattern repeats + 1 st for the symmetry = 127 sts), make 63 chain sts in the 1st row from both sides for sleeves and work with the main pattern on them. In 52 cm from the beginning of work with the main pattern, finish your work. Then, make front with the main pattern on 36 sts, make increases for sleeves from right and left sides. Finish your work at the height of back.


Make shoulder and upper sleeves seams on the whole width of front. Fasten lower edges of sleeves with trimming, for this, make 79 double crochets in the 1st row. Make lower sleeves seams. Fasten the edges of front and back neck-hole with trimming. For this, make 403 double crochets in the 1st row = 33 pattern repeats + initial and final sts.

​Long Crochet Cardigan
​Long Crochet Cardigan
​Long Crochet Cardigan
​Long Crochet Cardigan
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