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​Relief Beige Jacket

Jan 24, 2022 08:42 PM
​Relief Beige Jacket
​Relief Beige Jacket
​Relief Beige Jacket

You’ll need:

14 (15) 18 skeins of beige Phil Madrague yarn (100% cotton; 92m/50g);

Crochet hook 5;

Stitch markers.


Size: S (M) L-2XL.


Used Patterns: chain sts, double crochets, treble crochet and 2 treble crochets tog: * 2 yarn overs, insert crochet hook in st, draw st, ** 1 yarn over, draw the yarn through 2 sts on the crochet hook**, make from * to * x twice, make from ** to ** x twice, insert crochet hook in different base sts, 1 yarn over, draw the yarn through the last 3 sts on the crochet hook, 3 treble crochets tog: 2 treble crochets, repeat from * to * x 3 times, then, make 1 yarn over and draw the yarn through 4 sts on the crochet hook.

Fancy pattern: work due to the scheme. Start with sts before pattern repeat, repeat 4 sts of pattern, finish with sts after pattern. Repeat 1st-7th rows.


Stitches control: 25 sts x 7 rows = 15 x 8,5 cm.



Back and Front

Make 249 (253) 257 sts and work with fancy pattern due to the scheme. Start every row of double crochets with 3 chain sts increase. Start every row of treble crochets (3rd and 4th rows of pattern) with 4 chain sts increase. Mark 90 sts from both ends to mark side seams. Repeat 7 rows of fancy pattern x 3 times, then, make 1st-6th rows/ make 7 rows of fancy pattern x 4times, then, make 1st-2nd rows/ make 7 rows of fancy pattern x 4 times, then, make 1st-6th rows. In 33 cm = 27 rows (36,5 cm = 30 rows) 42,5 cm = 34 rows from the set-up row, finish your work, place marker after 116th st (118th st) 120th st from the right side to make the seam in the center of back. Make the second detail in symmetry, place marker after 116th (118th) 120th sts from the left side.



Connect both details, make seam in the center of back on marked 116 (118) 120 sts. Make side seams on marked 90 sts.

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