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​Happy Grinch Crochet Toy

Dec 24, 2021 01:14 AM

You’ll need:

3ply 100% cotton yarn in green, red and white colors;

Crochet hook 2 mm;

Stuffing material;


Sewing needles for the eyes (or safety eyes).


Size: 11cm




With green color start,

1 rnd: 6sc in a magic ring

2 rnd: (1inc, 2sc) repeat 2 times Total 8sts

3 to 11 rnd: 8sc

Cut the yarn, fasten off and make another one.



With green yarn start,

1 rnd: 6sc in a magic ring

2 rnd: 6inc Total 12sts

3 rnd: 12bpsc

4 and 5 rnd : 12sc

Cut the yarn and fasten off.

Make another one following the same instructions.

Don’t fasten off the second leg and connect the two legs by inserting the loop of the needle inside one stitch of the first leg, following,

6 rnd: 24sc (12 from each leg)

7 rnd: (1sc, 1inc) repeat 12 times Total 36sts

8 to 10 rnd: 36sc

11 rnd: (1sc, 1dec) repeat 12 times Total 24sts

12 and 13 rnd: 24sc

14 rnd: (2sc, 1dec) repeat 6 times Total 18sts

15 and 16 rnd: 18sc

17 rnd: 4sc, 4sc connecting with the arm, 4sc, 4sc connecting with the other arm, 2sc

18 rnd: 18sc

Stop here to start adding stuffing material in the Grinch. To do this later on, it’s a bit hard.

19 rnd: 18inc Total 36sts

20 rnd: (5sc, 1inc) repeat 6 times Total 42sts

21 to 25 rnd: 42sc

26 rnd: 5sc, (1sc 1dec) repeat 12 times, 1sc Total 30sts

27 to 29 rnd: 30sc

30 rnd: (3sc, 1dec) repeat 6 times Total 24sts

31 rnd: 24sc

32 rnd: (2sc, 1dec) repeat 6 times Total 18sts

Stop here to finish stuffing the Grinch.

33 rnd: 18sc

34 rnd: (1sc, 1dec) repeat 6 times Total 12sts

35 rnd: 12sc

Cut the yarn and fasten off.

Add a couple of strings on top of Grinch head, and make the yarn a bit fuzzy.



With white yarn chain 4. Skip the first chain and,

1 and 2 row: 3sc, chain one and turn

Change to red color yarn

3 and 4 row: 3sc, chain one and turn

Repeat chain 1 to 4, seven times.



Embroider the eyes in round 27 leaving 2 stitches between them.

Embroider the nose two rounds under the eye, in the central part of the face.

Embroider a big smile starting in round 24 and going down until between rounds 19 and 20.

For the eyebrows, you can choose which expression to give your Grinch. If you want a mad version of a Grinch, make the lines for the eyebrows in a V shape.

​Happy Grinch Crochet Toy
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