Love them!
Sandie​Crochet Lavender Doily 51 minute ago
Why do the doilies have no size given???
Sandie​Crochet Lavender Doily 56 minutes ago
Size  ??
Very nice, thanks a lot!
SusanStriped Crochet Tunic 1 hour ago
Thank you so much!
Susan​Crochet Puff Stitch 1 hour ago
I'm sure it'll look good in a shawl
I'm so happy to hear, that I could help you
I love this stitch AND WAS JUST  RECENTLY wonderin...
Beverly J Johnson​Crochet Puff Stitch 4 hours ago
Looks nice and easy to do.
ShdonnaStriped Crochet Tunic 19 hours ago
Looks very lovely and gorgeous 🌹

​Cute Crochet Donut

Nov 14, 2021 07:34 PM

You’ll need:

Anabel Alpina yarn (100% cotton; 120m/50g);

Lily Vita Cotton yarn;

Crochet hook 2,5 mm;


Needle with big eye;


Safety eyes 6 mm.




1st rnd: 20 chain sts in the ring with slip st:

2nd rnd: (increase, 1 single crochet) x 10 times (30);

3rd rnd: 30 single crochets (30);

4th rnd: (increase, 2 single crochets) x 10 times (40);

5th-8th rnds: 40 single crochets (40);

Change yarn in the end of the 8th row, weave in the ends.

9th-11th rnds: 40 single crochets;

12th rnd: (decrease, 2 single crochets) x 10 times (30);

13th rnd: 30 single crochets;

14th rnd: (decrease, 1 single crochet) x 10 times (20);

15th rnd: 20 single crochets (20).

Cut the yarn, leave long end. Connect the 1st and last rows with the left end and sew two edges (hole inside donut). Fill in with fiberfill in the process of work.



1st rnd: 6 single crochets in amigurumi ring (6);

2nd rnd: 6 increases;

3rd-4th rnds: 12 single crochets;

5th rnd: (decrease, 2 single crochets) x 3 times (9);

6th-7th rnds: 9 single crochets.



Make round of the needed diameter, embroider nose, sew eyes,



Chain sts with small beads or crystals.

​Cute Crochet Donut
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