Beverly J Johnson​Crochet Puff Stitch 2 hours ago
Looks nice and easy to do.
ShdonnaStriped Crochet Tunic 17 hours ago
Looks very lovely and gorgeous 🌹
it looks difficult....but I love a challenge.....
GlendaFunny Snowman Cup Warmer 2 days ago
hmmmm not see even one reply about sharing t...
 Love it.   would you share the pattern please? 
Love it!!! How do I get the pattern?
I would like the pattern.
love it!  Can I pls get a pattern?

​Knit Whelk Pattern

Nov 06, 2021 02:16 AM

The quantity of sts is multiple 4 + 3.

1st row (RS): K3, *sl 1 purlwise, k3; rep from * to end;

2nd row: K3, *wyif, sl 1 purlwise, wyib, k3; rep from * to end;

3rd row: K1, *sl 1 purlwise, k3; rep from * to last two sts, sl 1 purlwise, k1;

4th row: P1, sl 1 purlwise, *p3, sl 1 purlwise; rep from * to last st, p1.

Repeat 1st-4th rows.

​Knit Whelk Pattern
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