Love them!
Sandie​Crochet Lavender Doily 42 minutes ago
Why do the doilies have no size given???
Sandie​Crochet Lavender Doily 47 minutes ago
Size  ??
Very nice, thanks a lot!
SusanStriped Crochet Tunic 51 minute ago
Thank you so much!
Susan​Crochet Puff Stitch 52 minutes ago
I'm sure it'll look good in a shawl
Susan​Primrose Crochet Pattern 53 minutes ago
I'm so happy to hear, that I could help you
Teresa​Primrose Crochet Pattern 59 minutes ago
I love this stitch AND WAS JUST  RECENTLY wonderin...
Beverly J Johnson​Crochet Puff Stitch 3 hours ago
Looks nice and easy to do.
ShdonnaStriped Crochet Tunic 18 hours ago
Looks very lovely and gorgeous 🌹

Crochet Angels

Oct 08, 2021 02:20 AM

I am looking for an angel pattern that is made using 2 crochet circles.  I used to have one but it has been lost and I would like to try any make some for Christmas this year.  Thanks.

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Oct 08, 2021 11:06 AM

Hope, that you'll like this pattern: