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It's a 4 dc bobble

​Crochet Teapot Cosy with Flowers

Sep 03, 2021 12:10 AM

You’ll need: 

1 skein of Paintbox Yarns Simply DK in 135 Duck Egg Blue, 136 Dolphin Blue, 102 Champagne White, 153 Blush Pink, 113 Rose Red, and 126 Slate Green (each);

Crochet hooks 3,5 mm and 4 mm. 


Body of Tea Cosy

Use Duck Egg Blue and 4mm hook.

Foundation round: Ch 8 and join with a slip stitch to make a circle.

1st rnd: 10 dc into the circle. (10)

2nd rnd: [2tr]. 10 times. (20)

3rd rnd: 1tr, [2tr]. 10 times. (30)

4th rnd: 2tr, [2tr]. 10 times. (40)

5th row: 16tr, chain 7, miss 4, 16 tr. Turn. (32, plus 7 chain). This forms the hole for the spout and the opening back flaps.

6th row: 7tr, [2tr], 7tr, [2tr], 5dc in ch-7-sp, [2tr], 7tr, [2tr], 7tr. Turn. (41)

7th row: 4tr [2tr]. 8 times. 1 tr. Turn. (49)

8th row: 5tr [2tr]. 8 times. 1tr. (57)

9th row: 6tr, [2tr]. 3 times. 5tr, 2trtog, 1 tr, 2trtog, 5tr. 6tr [2tr] 3times. Turn. (61)

10th row: 13tr, 2trtog. 4 times. 1 tr. Turn. (57)

11th-13th rows: 57 tr. Turn. (57). At the end of Row 13, fasten off.


Join Champagne White, where you fastened off Duck Egg Blue.

1st row: Dc into each stitch. At this point also work up and around the flap opening with dcs at regular intervals. You will start the next row in the same position as you started this row.

2nd row: 2 htr, *ch 1, miss 1, htr. From * 28 times. 1htr. Turn. (28 ch-1-sp and 31 htr)

3rd row: 1dc, *1dc, miss ch-1-sp and htr, [4tr, ch 2, 4tr] into the ch-1-sp, miss htr and ch-1-sp. From * 9 times. 2 dc. Fasten off. (9 shells and 12 dc).


Using Champagne White and 4mm hook.

Join yarn centrally on one side. Chain 31, then dc into second chain from hook. Dc along. (30). Fasten off. Repeat for the tie on the other side.


Make 4

The leaves are worked in the round.

Using Dolphin Blue and 3.5 mm hook

Foundation: Chain 11.

1st rnd: dc into second chain from hook, then dc across. (10). Fasten off.

Change to Slate Green

2nd rnd: dc, 2htr, 2tr, [2dtr], [2dtr], tr, htr, dc, [dc, dc with ch-3-picot, dc], (you are now working down the other side of the leaf into the chains), dc, htr, tr, [2dtr], [2dtr], 2tr, 2htr, 1 dc. Fasten off. (27)


Make 2

The flowers are worked in the round.

Using Dolphin Blue and 3.5 mm hook

Foundation: Make an mc (see Pattern Notes) with 5 dc. (5)

1st rnd: [2dc]. Fasten off (10).

Change to Rose Red.

2nd rnd: Dc, ch 3, [3dtr cluster with 3-ch-picot on top], chain 3. 5 times. Slip stitch final chain into the starting dc. (10)

3rd rnd: Ch 4, dc into second ch from hook, 2dc (making a total of 3dc), slip stitch into dc from round 2, ch 4 and place these ch behind the petal, slip stitch into dc from round 2. 5 times. Fasten off.

Change to Blush Pink.

4th rnd: In this round you are working into the stitches from round 3. Slip stitch in ch-4- space, then work from the bottom of the “legs”, [2tr], [2tr], [3tr], ch-3-picot, (you are now working down the other side of the petal into the chains), [3tr], [2tr], [2tr]. Fasten off.

Pin the leaves and flowers to the cosy and then sew into place.

​Crochet Teapot Cosy with Flowers
​Crochet Teapot Cosy with Flowers
​Crochet Teapot Cosy with Flowers
​Crochet Teapot Cosy with Flowers
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