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It's a 4 dc bobble

​Elegant Crochet Cardigan

Aug 01, 2021 09:53 PM

You’ll need:

17 (18) 19 skeins od light-beige yarn (53% cotton, 33% viscose, 14% linen; 110m/50g);

Crochet hooks 2,5; 3; 3,5;

4 buttons with 28 mm diameter.

Size: S/М (L/XL) XXL.

Chest circumference: 112 (126) 140 cm.

Length: 74 cm.

Used Patterns

Lace pattern: the quantity of sts is multiple 14 + 1. Work due to the scheme.

Stitches control: 1 pattern repeat wide x 1 pattern repeat high = 7 x 13 cm.



Make 225 (253) 281 chain sts with crochet hook 3,5, turn with the help of 1 chain st increase and make 1 single crochet in every chain st = 225 (253) 281 single crochets (= 1st row of the scheme). Continue work due to the scheme = totally, 17 (19) 21 pattern repeats. When the length of detail is about 38 cm, divide sts into front and back.


Make 0,5, 5, 0,5 (9) 0,5 9, 0,5 pattern repeats on the central sts. Place mark in the middle and crochet straight to arm-holes = about 36 cm from mark, finish with 1 row of chain sts and single crochets, which should be made due to the pattern, and connect with the pattern to get 14 chain sts in every pattern repeat.


Work on the rest sts from both sides = 0,5, 4, (5) 0,5, 5 pattern repeats. Make front the same length, as back, finish in the same way, as back, but only on edging sts = 0,5, 2 (3) 0,5, 3 pattern repeats, make collar on the rest 2 pattern repeats.


Make 141 chain sts with crochet hook 3,5 and work with lace pattern due to the scheme for sleeves with decreases, until there are 4 pattern repeats left in width. Then, crochet straight for 4 pattern repeats height and finish your work.


Make shoulder seams on outer places of 0,5, 2 (3) 0,5, 3 pattern repeats. Make side seams, leave upper areas for arm-holes of 36-37 cm long for arm-holes. Make sleeve seams. Sew up the sleeves.


Work due to the pattern on sts of front and back, increase 1 pattern repeat = increase 14 sts. When the length of collar is about 12 cm, finish your work in the same way, as for back.

Sleeves Fastening

At first, make 1 row of single crochets with crochet hook 3, then, change to crochet hook 2,5 and make 1 row of “crab stitch”. Sew buttons to the left front.

​Elegant Crochet Cardigan
​Elegant Crochet Cardigan
​Elegant Crochet Cardigan
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Aug 02, 2021 12:52 PM

I love this nice cardigan!

Aug 02, 2021 11:21 PM

I love this nice cardigan!

Thank you