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Such a great pattern. Thanks for sharing.
Susan​Black Relief Vest 5 hours ago
Thank you!
Susan​Black Relief Vest 5 hours ago
I'm pleased, that you like it
I'll try to find this pattern for you
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In memory of my precious fur baby, I would love th...

​Crochet Swimsuit Pattern

Jun 23, 2021 10:45 PM

You’ll need:

500g of grey 100% cotton yarn (392m/100g);

Crochet hook 1,5;

Black trunks.

Size: S.

Used Patterns

Main pattern: 1st row: 3 chain sts increase, skip 2 base chain sts, * make “shell’ on the 3rd st out of 7 double crochets, skip 2 base sts, 1 single crochet*; repeat from * to *;

2nd row: 1 single crochet in every st of the previous row, insert crochet hook under back loop;

3rd row: as the 1st row, but in chess-board order.

Repeat 2nd-3rd rows.



Make 37 chain sts for one half of bra and make 2 rows of single crochets. After that, work with the main pattern for 18 rows straight. After that, decrease 1 “shell” in every row until there is 1 “shell” left. Make the second half of bra in the same way. Fasten bra with 1 row of single crochets. For straps, make single crochets to the needed length on 2 sts.


Make 12 chain sts and work with single crochets to the needed length.


Make 10 chain sts in the ring.

1st row: 12 single crochets in the center of the ring;

2nd row: * 1 single crochet, 3 chain sts*; repeat from * to *;

3rd row: * 1 single crochet, 3 chain sts, 1 single crochet, 5 chain sts *; repeat from * to *;

4th row: single crochet above 3 chain sts, (4 double crochets, 3 chain sts, 4 double crochets) above 5 chain sts.

​Crochet Swimsuit Pattern
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