MaggiePineapple blanket Just now
This is so lovely. I too would love to have the pa...
OrlaCrochet Sunflower Coaster 7 minutes ago
Thank you for this pattern! I want to make it
ZaraCrochet Sunflower Coaster 27 minutes ago
Love sunflowers
SusanBunny Crochet Patterns 31 minute ago
I love all of them!
ZaraBunny Crochet Patterns 31 minute ago
Oh my, these bunnies are too cute!
SusanCrochet Sunflower Coaster 33 minutes ago
Thank you for the pattern!
Susan​Crochet Orange Top 35 minutes ago
Thank you
Janice MaynardPineapple blanket 1 hour ago
Wow, that is beautiful, that would be a great one ...
LynnePineapple blanket 1 hour ago
Absolutely besutiful!  I love the color too. 
LeoPineapple blanket 3 hours ago
it is absolutely beautiful. Your work is ‘top notc...

Fancy Herringbone Knit Pattern

May 12, 2021 12:03 AM

The quantity of sts is multiple 7 + 2 selvage sts.

1st row: *cross 4 sts to the left (leave 1 st on the auxiliary needle in front of work, 3 knit sts, 1 knit st from the auxiliary needle), 3 knit sts*; repeat from * to *;

2nd and 4th rows: purl;

3rd row: *3 knit sts, cross 4 sts to the right (leave 3 sts on the auxiliary needle behind work, 1 knit st, 3 knit sts from the auxiliary needle)*; repeat from * to *.

Repeat 1st-4th rows.

Fancy Herringbone Knit Pattern
Fancy Herringbone Knit Pattern
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