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Small Knit Beads Pattern

Mar 30, 2021 12:34 AM

The quantity of sts is multipled 4 + 3 sts for the symmetry + 2 selvedge sts. 17 sts will be enough for the sample.

1st row: 3 purls, bead (1 knit st, yarn over, 1 knit st, yarn over, 1 knit st from 1 st without tightening)*, 3 purls;

2nd row: * 3 knit sts, 5 sts of bead together purl*, 3 knit sts;

3rd row: knit;

4th row: purl;

5th row: knit;

6th row: purl;

7th row: knit;

8th row: purl.

Small Knit Beads Pattern
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