LexiPretty in Pink Elephant Lovey 39 minutes ago
I like the stitch pattern in this lovey
Love the style of this jacket!
Cute and funny owl
What a cuty!
SusanSukienka 1 hour ago
Great job! You look so elegant in this dress!
I'll try to find some photo instructions for you
Sharon PalmPretty in Pink Elephant Lovey 1 hour ago
I love this. What a perfect gift 
Susan​Black Crochet Tunic 1 hour ago

Crochet/Knitting Family

Feb 23, 2021 11:43 PM

Good day, everyone!

I want to wish you a nice day and mood today!

Hope, that all of you are ok!

Who also knits or crochets in your family?

Are they just beginners or real professionals?

Crochet/Knitting Family
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