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Helping our users. ​Knit Owl Pattern.

May 26, 2020 02:23 AM
Helping our users. ​Knit Owl Pattern.
Helping our users. ​Knit Owl Pattern.

Cast on 20 sts + 2 selvedge sts.

1st and 2nd rows: stockinette stitch;

3rd row: 1 purl, 18 knit sts, 1 purl;

4th row, 18th-24th row: due to the ornament;

5th row: 2 purls, cross 2 x 2, alternate 1 knit st, 1 purl, 2 x 2 cross, 2 purls;

6th-16th rows: the edges of the pattern - due to the ornament, make "rice" pattern on the 8 sts of "belly";

17th row: 2 purls, cross 4 x 4 to right, cross 4 x 4 to left, 2 purls;

25th row: as 17th row;

26th row: 2 knit sts, 4 purls, 8 knit sts, 4 purls, 2 knit sts;

27th row: 2 purls, 4 knit sts, 8 purls, 4 knit sts, 2 purls;

28th row: knit;

29th row: purl.

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