I like it!Thank you for the help!
EvaPineapple blanket 23 minutes ago
Wow, very nice!
Eva​Crochet Cherry Cardigan 27 minutes ago
I like this cardigan and it's color
SusanMiss Millies hat 32 minutes ago
Thank you very much!
Only if you copy the text to .doc and then print i...
Ok, I'll do my best to help you
Which of them would you like to make?
GingerPineapple blanket 2 hours ago
hi Gracie my name is Ginger I too am never satisfi...
SnježanaPineapple blanket 2 hours ago
I would love to have the pattern for shawl #14.

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I learned knitting from my mother at age 14. My first project was a sweater to wear across the US to our new home on the east coast from San Francisco. While I was learning I was teaching my home economics teacher how to knit which helped me learn it faster. After learning how to knit I taught myself how to crochet with the use of books and took off making many things knit and crocheted. Now I make many different things in many different crafts. My latest thing is to teach myself needle tatting. I had too much trouble using the shuttle to tat with. I have just designed my granddaughter my first quilt in the colors she and her soon to be husband wedding present. Their choice of colors not mine. I live in El Paso, TX which is in the Mountain Time Zone in USA which is not listed on your choices

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