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It's a 4 dc bobble

​Crochet Lace Top

Sep 04, 2021 11:25 PM

You’ll need:

9 (10) 10 (11) 12 skeins of Ecru Phil Ecocoton yarn (100% cotton; 110m/50g);

Crochet hook 3,5;

Stitch markers.

Size: S (M) L (XL) XXL.

Used Patterns

Back post double crochet: 1 yarn over, insert crochet hook back from right to left under double crochet of the previous row, draw st, 1 yarn over, draw the yarn through the first 2 sts, 1 yarn over, draw the yarn through the last 2 sts on the crochet hook.

2 crossed double crochets: make on 2 sts: 1 double crochet in the 2nd base chain, 1 back post double crochet, insert the crochet hook in the 1st base st.

Fancy patterns 1 and 2: due to the schemes.

Stitches control: fancy pattern 1: 24 sts x 10 rows = 10 x 10 cm;

Fancy pattern 2: 20 sts x 17 rows = 10 x 10 cm.


Back and Front

Central part

Make 83 (89) 95 (101) 107 chain sts with crochet hook 3,5 and work with fancy pattern 1 = 27 (29) 31 (33) 35 pattern repeats. In 14 (16) 16 (18) 18 cm from the set-up row, after making the 2nd row of pattern repeat, divide your work in half and at first make one side (making edging double crochet above central pattern repeat = 13 (14) 15 (16) 17 pattern repeats + 1 chain st and 1 double crochet from division side) and finish your work. Make the second side in symmetry. In 63 (64) 66 (67) 69 cm from the set-up row, connect 2 parts. At 99 (101,5) 104 (106,5) 109 cm height from the set-up row after the 1st row of pattern, finish your work. After that, work with fancy pattern 2 along the edges of work= 200 (205) 210 (215) 220 single crochets in the 1st row. In 13 cm from the set-up row, finish your work, after making 1 row of single crochets and place markers in 29,5 cm from the ends of work.


Make side seams. Make a chain of 150 cm long and draw them through sts of net pattern on back, after making cord for 20 cm height.

​Crochet Lace Top
​Crochet Lace Top
​Crochet Lace Top
​Crochet Lace Top
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